Pax Populi is a global network of people working together to help create a more peaceful world. The threats of war and violence are real and pervasive. For peace to take root and flourish, it must be cultivated and defended through courage, kindness, sustained effort, and creative intelligence. We at Pax Populi welcome every insight and action that will enable us to respond to the urgent needs of our brothers and sisters whose lives and security are at risk. From business to technology and the arts, the tool chest of peacebuilding is limitless, but at Pax Populi, our primary focus is on education. If you want to work for peace, we want to work with you.

A student in Kandahar works at Pax Populi Academy

Pax Populi (pronounced “phaks pop-yu-lee”) is Latin for “the people’s peace;” it is the people-to-people peacebuilding program of the nonprofit organization, Applied Ethics, Inc. To learn more about our initiative, please click here.

Pax Populi is a network of people dedicated to advancing peace everywhere, but the focus of our work is Afghanistan.  We draw on many projects and programs to act on our mission, but since 2010, our primary emphasis has been on the peace through education initiative of our online school, Pax Populi Academy. If you are interested in being students or serving as tutors or teachers in our program, please let us know by using the contact form that appears below.

The resources of war and violence are vast. To this, we respond with the power from a commitment to nonviolence, goodness, truth, and service. Peacebuilding cannot succeed in isolation, but when we work together, united by a common vision of peace, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. We welcome your support to advance our shared mission.

What our members say

We asked our amazing team of tutors and tutees what they thought of their work and role in shaping the future, and what their dreams are for the future. Here’s what we had!

Eisha Sarkar


Working, educating and interacting with youth from different countries gives me an adrenaline rush. The youth have ideas, dreams, ambitions, aspirations and passions they are not scared to follow or share. They are our teachers. They are the future of our nations. The more I see the younger generation today communicating with each other across boundaries of nationality, religion, caste, creed, race and language, through social media and other forms of technology, I see our future as ONE WORLD, ONE PEOPLE.

Nawida Popal


"I believe education plays a vital role for a safe and healthy society, ultimately building a better future tomorrow. Compulsory education in all the countries will not only upgrade the knowledge but will also improve the social and economic conditions, resulting into higher opportunities of employment. I also trust the concept of ‘Peace via Education’, which currently I am witnessing through Pax Populi. If the countries take up the responsibility to educate people from other countries where the education is weaker, then we need more such online academic institutions all over the world, as it becomes the platform for friendships, sharing ideas, feeling of oneness, etc. Also, I believe that communication is very important in any form to eradicate the feelings of hatred amongst countries, war situations, and terrorism and ultimately building a happy, positive and a peaceful world to stay in. I just want to end up saying that we are like the ‘Transitional Generation’- a bridge that can work upon and change the attitudes, our ancestors had, to form a peaceable and non-violent future for the coming generations."

Kirthi Jayakumar


South Asia is incredibly young: and with that age, comes a vibrant and resplendent energy. With each session I have spent so far with each of my students, I have had so many opportunities to learn, evolve and grow – and if we can all work in this space together, channelizing these streams of energy, we can just impact the world so positively. Collectively, we are a people. We cut across borders, we cut across all the many things that have tried to divide humanity. We are, truly, ONE WORLD.


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We asked our amazing team of tutors and tutees what they thought of their work and role in shaping the future, and what their dreams are for the future. Here’s what we had! Eisha Sarkar, Read more…

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