Pax Populi which is Latin for “the peace of the people” is the people-to-people peacemaking program of Applied Ethics, Inc. Pax Populi’s mission is to put the tools of peacemaking into the hands of ordinary people by supporting initiatives to advance peace through education and economic development within a framework of human rights. Click here to learn more.
A brief video on Pax Populi Tutoring Services

Pax Populi is a network of people dedicated to advancing peace everywhere, but the focus of our work is Afghanistan.  We have several programs through which we act on our mission, but since mid-2013 we have placed particular emphasis on our peace through education initiative, the Pax Populi Tutoring program. Through this, fluent English speakers from around the world provide English tutoring to students in Afghanistan via video conferencing.  Through this exchange, both tutors and tutees learn much about each other’s culture, while Afghans have an opportunity to better develop a valuable skill for engaging in international cultural and economic exchanges.
Please take a look at Pax Populi’s News page for all  stories or select a category area in the drop down tab at the end down of this page.  page for all stories or select a category area at the end down of this page.  Since 2013 we have also delivered two International initiatives the  “Be Inspired” project which further extended our advocacy work into the promotion of Women’s Right in Afghanistan and the “Voices for Peace” project which engaged people from around the world to share their hopes and ideas for the advancement of peace in Afghanistan and internationally. 
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Please check out the Pax Populi website further and see how we are supporting the advancement of peace.

Pax Populi’s Most Recent Posts

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