By Mohammed Qasem Jami

O’ people, let’s learn what peace is

Pray for it, before we go into pieces.

You can’t buy it or sell it,

You have to give it to get it.

It is to have no fear when we rise,

And no tears in our eyes;

It is to live a comfortable life

As long as we all are alive.

We need to pay for it, before it pays off;

It is to respect human to be respected

Help others to be helped


Love them to be loved.


Please don’t fake it if you can’t make it.

Peace isn’t peace by words: the truth, naked.

It is to provide a nation with education;

That goes from generation to generation.

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Let Me Whisper to You in My Voice


NahidBy Nahid Walizadda

Let me whisper to you in my voice

I am a little bride

I was born in a place where my voice shouldn’t be heard

The place that immediately claims ownership of me

It sees my hopelessness

A body that broke under the price you put on it

It holds over me, takes my heart, my dreams, my rights, my dignity, my life

I am an object which is sold

A heart to be ignored

A thing to be broken

If I knew that you would sell me like a broken object

I would have returned hungry from the table

Like thousands of girls, I am caged

Like thousands of girls, I must commit suicide if there is no one to support me

I lost my way in the darkness, this place where no light shines,

A place where I suffocate from the lack of the air I breathe


Look at me just once, don’t turn your eyes away

Look at me, I am innocent

Give me my rights

Take my hand and release me from this tradition where girls remain silent

Don’t cover my sad face with makeup

I am a girl, I am God Gifted

I have a heart


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