We are proud to say that for over seven years, through our Pax Populi Tutoring Program, kindhearted, skillful, and generous people from around the world have been providing English language and other tutoring services to our friends in Afghanistan.

Pax Populi Academy is the online school of Pax Populi. [To visit Pax Populi Academy, click here.] We believe there is no better means for advancing peace than through education, and to act on this, we have created our Academy. Our main educational program is the “Pax Populi Tutoring Program,” which has been in operation since 2010.  We have focused above all on English language learning, although on a limited basis we have also taught mathematics and sponsored students to study in respected universities.

A Pax Populi tutor meets with his Afghan student.

The Pax Populi English Tutoring Program provides several benefits to both the Afghan learners and the English speaking tutors, including the following:
• English proficiency opens the doors to educational and economic development opportunities for Afghans
• The conversational exchanges provide an excellent means for both tutors and students to learn about each other’s culture
• Afghans develop a greater sense of awareness and connectedness to the international community
• We are helping to advance peace by supporting the development of friendship in a spirit of respect, kindness, and understanding
• Our program aims at the development of civil society through education


Student using Pax Populi Academy in Kandahar.

Through our online courses, online tutors meet with Afghan students using the “BigBlueButton (BBB)” videoconference program. After a screening process, volunteer tutors are provided with a brief orientation. They are then matched with one or two Afghan students who are studying at participating partner schools. The tutors and students will schedule sessions at agreed times, typically for one and a half hours or more. Our tutors have been located in many countries around the world, each tutor and tutee must adapt to the time zone differences between their locations.Sessions are usually held during Afghan working hours, which may be during the night or morning for the tutors. The curriculum is flexible, but usually draws on materials supplied by Pax Populi. Through the use of electronic documents tutors and students are able to refer to the same materials in real time.

Students and Tutors
Afghan participants may be teachers seeking to improve their English language abilities or students attending participating Pax Populi partner schools. Currently, our program is operating in the four largest cites of Afghanistan, Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat, and previously we also worked with students in Bamiyan and Jalalabad.

An online lesson from Pax Populi Academy.

Prospective tutors must be fluent in English and committed to working for peace through education in a way that is caring and respectful of the Afghan student’s culture. Typically, tutors are either ESL teachers or university students. Tutors use their own computers, which should have a webcam and a high-speed internet connection. Our tutors are located in Our tutors have been located in many countries including South Korea, Australia, Greece, France, England, and various states in the United States. Location is not critical — commitment and capabilities are. Tutors should be willing to commit a minimum of 1.5 hours/week for at least 3-months.

Our Academy is still a small, volunteer-driven initiative, but we are guided by a vision in which no one is denied a quality education due to war or systemic violence.  In the 21st century, there are unprecedented opportunities to deliver educational services even in conflict zones; every day our work is a testimony to the capacity of dedicated people to provide valuable educational experiences in difficult conditions by drawing on modern technologies empower by human kindness. And in the process, both instructors and students are enriched by the exchange.

If you are interested in joining our program as a tutor or student or if you are interested in Education for Peace or simply want more information please contact us at: info@appliedethics.org, use our contact page, or contact us through our Pax Populi Facebook Page. We also are in need of financial support to keep our school running. To donate, please click here.

Be a Peacemaker: Pax Populi wants you!