International Women’s Day

Supporting peace for all Afghans

As a peacebuilding organisation, Pax Populi’s working objective is to help the people of Afghanistan bring peace to their country. As part of this objective, we recognise the importance of advocating for women’s rights and equality to ensure a full societal peace is achieved for all Afghans, regardless of gender.  And while we acknowledge the progress made by Afghan women over the last 10 years, it still remains the case that women face significant inequality, restricting Afghanistan’s capacity to develop a lasting peace.

With this in mind, Pax Populi celebrated International Women’s Day by honouring the women of Afghanistan and raising awareness about their struggle for rights with the “Be Inspired” initiative.  This has allowed us to share with the world the triumphs, challenges and future visions of Afghan women.

The initiative includes a collection of profiles and portrait moments  highlighting the roles Afghan women are playing in society and their  experiences as women in Afghanistan. And to encourage Afghan participation we reached out to men and women in Afghanistan, the Afghan diaspora, international NGOs, community groups, Afghan students and human rights groups.  We asked them to respond to a series of questions that we hoped would give us all some insight into the different roles of women in Afghanistan.

We inquired about what positive changes have come to Afghan women in recent times, how sustainable these changes are and what attitudes still need to change to achieve equality. We also inquired as to what people thought Afghan women can do, and what support they need, to develop their futures for the better.

The response we received was overwhelming and the insight is invaluable. Please take the time to read through their thoughtful writing below. In addition to this, please click here to see the series of video messages we received from people around the globe telling us about their International Women’s Day dreams for Afghanistan.

We hope you are as inspired by these responses as we are. Please click on individual pictures to read their personal insight.

Mariam Hotaki Ahmad Rashid  Fereshteh Forough  Ali Parsa

Zakia Soleiman   Shuja Rabbani Sofia Ramyar Sayed Sohail

Sutara Arian  Nasir Ahmad Ramyar  Fatima Rabbani Faazel Oria

Homa Hamid Rahatgul Takoor Noorjahan Akbar Ali Fayez

Shakila Khalje 2010-09 Shogofa Arrival portrait at Beach Wagma Profile pic SOLA #2 = ED

Susan  Female Afghan Student (anonymous)   Heather Barr Naheed Farid



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