Offical Peace Day Poster

Welcome to the Pax Populi Voices for Peace initiative, developed to celebrate International Peace Day 2013.

The Voices for Peace initiative is about engaging and encouraging people from around the world, especially from Afghanistan, to share with others their hopes for the advancement of peace as well as information and ideas regarding their work in this area.  We are therefore pleased to present to you on Peace Day a collection of peace works created from information submitted by people from around the world who wanted to share their views on peace.

Because Afghanistan is the country of focus for Pax Populi we also wanted to highlight the work being done by Afghans to bring peace to their country, while further taking the opportunity to raise awareness over the challenges being face by Afghans to achieve this.

We hope you enjoy reviewing these works and we wish you a Happy Peace Day 2013.

Voices for Peace 

The “Voices for Peace” collection comprises of a series of peace posters, from people across the world who are either aspiring too or actively working to build peace in their community or internationally. Views have been submitted from Afghanistan, Australia, America, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Nepal, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, United Kingdom and from two highly respected peacebuilding organisations, United Network of Young Peacebuilders and Nonviolent Peaceforce. And in each poster the individual or organization shares with us all what peace means to them and how we can achieve it.

To view this collection please click on the picture below. Please take the time to consider the messages being delivered and think about what peace means to you and in what ways you could help support it within your community. Then spread the word! Peacebuilding is a team sport. It cannot be done alone, but only with hundreds and thousands of people working together. No one out there working for peace should feel they are alone; they should feel loved, respected, and supported. Please let them know!

Voices for Peace Collection

Building Peace in Afghanistan the Achievements and Challenges 

While we understand Afghanistan continues to experience violence, Peace Day is an opportunity to honour the hard work being done by Afghans to bring peace to their country.  In so doing, we also seek to overcome the misguided stereotypes many may have regarding the great efforts of Afghans to develop their country.

To raise awareness over the achievements made and remaining challenges the country faces Pax Populi carried out a question and answer session with three organizations working in key areas of peace development, which included a Youth, Human Rights and Women’s organizations. Please click on the logos to find out about the organisation and read their responses to our questions on building peace within Afghanistan.

      Afghanistan's New Generation Organization   Afghan Human Rights Research and Advocacy Organization   Afghan Women's Educational Center (AWEC) .

Peacebuilders in Afghanistan

Pax Populi believes that it is the Afghans themselves who will bring peace to their own country and we want to encourage the Afghan peacemakers and all Afghans to create a new and promising future for themselves. Below is a list of some of Afghanistan’s  leading organizations working to bring peace to their country.

OHRD The Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan The Nooristan Foundation The Afghanistan Watch Equality for Peace and Development - EPD Afghanistan Civil Society Forum-organization ACSFo CCA Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies ADIB Sanayee Development Organization Cooperation for Peace and Unity (CPAU) Afghans for Progressive Thinking Aims Peace Village AFGHAN DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION Afghan Institute of Learning Saba Media Organization 2 million friends for peace in Afghanistan The Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization (AHRDO) MasterPeace Afghanistan Empowerment Center for Women Organization of Charity Social & Developmental for Afghan Afghans4tomorrow Cooperation for Peace and Development (CPD)


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