Jonnie Dean has a background of creating independent short films and documentaries.

He hopes to raise the public’s awareness of world peace by creating a series of film projects to create a public discussion and a movement for Peace. He is currently working on: Peace ‘A Child’s Dream’

Peace ‘A Child’s Dream’ is a platform for children to speak out and let their voices be heard about world peace. A vision of peace can be created by talking to children. In a world controlled by adults, these films allow us to sit back and let the kids do the talking about World Peace with animated scenes bringing their vision and creative ideas to life!

In this video, Jonnie explains Peace ‘A Child’s Dream’ and his inspiration

Through these films we have for example the opportunity to listen to the girl who wants to create a peace prison, watch how a child’s points system for countries works, listen to the boy who warns you if you don’t behave, he will let loose his grandma! And while this is a fun way to hear their thoughts it is also a thought provoking approach to peace, and we come to understand after listening to children, that ‘Peace’ is a child’s dream.

For more information about this project or if you would like to get involved in supporting the development of the web series please visit the Peace’ A Child’s Dream website or Like them on Facebook too!


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