Sajid, is an active promoter of peace in Afghanistan and a budding journalist with the organisation Afghan Voices.  He is a peace activist for Pax Populi and has written for its website discussing life in Afghanistan and the need to build peace.  He is also a filmmaker and has made a number of short films on building peace, including the Voice for Peace from Afghanistan video, made for Pax Populi for Peace Day.

Over the last few years Sajid has been involved in different projects for the advancement of community development and human rights, within his community and internationally. He has taken part in past Peace, human Rights and Women’s day campaigns with Pax Populi.

While he has also worked with an organization in Kabul helping street kids by finding them an education and support sponsors. In March 2013 he travelled to Tajikistan where he took part in a three month volunteer program with the VSO organization, while there he worked to help improve the development of ten local businesses run by women.

Sajid’s ambition is to continue in these areas of work; to create more schools for children and help raise awareness and to develop better cleaner water systems in Afghanistan.


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