The People’s Association for Rural Development (PARD) is a civil society organisation in Madurai, India. They started operation in the 1980s working with urban slum dwellings in the city of Madurai, later expanding their activities to include implementing micro-finance activities with rural women.

PARDs working objective include teaching education in, environment, sanitation, health, social awareness, and agriculture, helping build the cultural development of the villages, and to undertake constructive activities for the welfare of socially and economically disadvantaged. Through the set up of a local radio station PARD Vaanoli @91.2 MHz they are now able to reach far more people in their community though radio, enabling them to share education on issues affecting the local people, with the station broadcasting its programmes daily for three and a half hours daily.

Their “Voices for Peace” picture was taken during one of their community programmes conducted in R.N. Middle School in T.Pudupatty a village in Thirumangalam Taluk in Madurai District, where they are also conducting a competition for school children to learn about health and nutrition.

For more information on PARD please contact Mr E James Rajasekaran, Station Manager


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