Afghanistan's New Generation Organization

Afghanistan’s New Generation is an independent, nonprofit organization that empowers the Afghan youth to create community change at grassroots level. They equip the Afghan youth and their adult allies with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to take a stand in their communities and create change that will positively impact their future as they begin to take power from an older generation preoccupied with tackling political violence and forced into negotiating survival in a war economy. The promises and the challenges of the future and the emergence of Afghan forms of modernity appropriate to the aspirations of the Afghan people lie at the center of ANGO’s interest and interventions.

ANGO aims to empower the youth to become competent community advocates by providing training in such areas as public speaking, media literacy, use of information technology, community assessment, mobilizing community support and working with policy makers, elected representatives, local and provincial, secular and religious councils to make the decision making processes more inclusive. Additionally, ANGO provides support to adults and organizations by offering training, capacity building exchange programs and technical assistance so that they may be better allies to empowered youth. We provide networking opportunity, encourage partnerships and assess organizations’ youth empowerment capacity.

Please now read the Answer and Question Interview conducted with Najib Sharifi, Director of Afghanistan New Generation Organization.

1.  What does Peace in Afghanistan mean to you/the organisation?

For me and the organization I am part of (Afghanistan New Generation Organization), peace means absence of violence of any form, social security and mental tranquility.

2.  Over the past 12 years what have been the best achievements for peace development in Afghanistan? Would you say these changes are sustainable? If not, in what ways can we help make these positive changes more sustainable?

Over the past ten years, our major achievement with regards to peace has been the growth of a strong spirit among the Afghan public that drives them to strive for peace. Today, we see in every corner of Afghanistan, there are groups of people and communities who find their own formula and ways for peace, celebrate peace related events, and declare NO to war.

3.  What are some of the main challenges to peace within Afghanistan?

Interference of neighbouring countries is the biggest challenge to peace in Afghanistan. Additionally, poverty, drug mafia, warlords are other challenges ahead of peace.

4.  In what ways can peace be developed in Afghanistan? And how can both Afghans and the international community provide support?

Strong thirst and desire on the part of people for peace is a strong promise for the peaceful future of Afghanistan. Today, most people have realized that their life can prosper as long as there is peace. The influence of ideologies is diminishing and people are becoming realists. I believe nothing can be a bigger guarantee than the will of the public for peace and against the war.

5. What are your aspirations for peace in Afghanistan and how are you offering your support?

We celebrate peace day through various platforms. We inspire anti-war spirit among the public by making documentary films and promotional clips. We discuss the matter with the youth and highlight the dangers and disasters wars create. We also use Social Media to promote peace.

If you would like to find out more about ANGO or make contact with them please visit their website or Like them on Facebook too!


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