Faazel Oria

Faazel Oria, is from Kabul, Afghanistan. He is 23 years old and has a degree in Philosophy & Sociology, from Kabul University.

If we consider the recent decade of democracy in Afghanistan, afghan women are receiving their right to play different roles in afghan society. In recent years, we are seeing women playing active economic roles, we also see women playing active cultural and political roles, for example “we have 60 afghan women in parliament chairs, and lots of other women establishing their own NGOs for cultural activities”.

I connect positive changes for women with security, because where there is security there are opportunities for women to engage in different activities. To some extents I can say these changes are sustainable but only if we provide better security to maintain these positive changes.

We need to be realistic about the main threats to women in Afghanistan and what I see as the biggest threat for afghan women is a close type of culture; I believe it is the cultural values made by a patriarchal society that keeps women from improvements and this is what I call a culture with negative values. An educated urban women usually faces pessimisms from the men side, they are usually underestimated. But unfortunately poor urban women are considered as a second gender in the society, but still I have hope for a better future for these women.

I will not say that it is only men’s attitude that should be changed to ensure equality, because there are also other factors which need to be changed to ensure equality for all afghan women. For example I have seen incidents where there is violence against women by women, because women themselves accepted that they are the second gender. Therefore I believe that the attitudes of both men and women need to be changed to ensure equality. And this is only possible by education; a better education for both men and women can help change their attitudes which will lead to equality.

The development of self consciousness will lead women to develop their future; women therefore need to know that they too also have the same potential as men to allow them to develop their living status and future. Again education plays an important role in developing this consciousness.


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