Here is the essential message of Pax Populi: We are one family… and if your mother or father, son or daughter, sister or brother, is facing threats or is suffering, we need to lend a hand.  On a macro level, the community of Pax Populi is the human family, and in that, we are united in love and our rejection of violence and discrimination. On a more micro level, we at Pax Populi are a community of individuals committed to reaching out in a spirit of love and compassion to our brothers and sisters facing hardships from violent conflicts and war. We are open to respond wherever there is need with whatever tools would be most effective, but to maximize our impact, we focus especially on delivering educational services to students in Afghanistan. We are not a large organization, but our community is global. If you want to respond to the call to build a more peaceful world, one person at a time, we welcome you to our community of peacebuilders. Pax!!