Afghanistan is in crisis.

Pax Populi will do whatever we can to help.

After working closely with countless good, hardworking people in Afghanistan since 2009, we are grieving to see so much progress and countless dreams come crashing down with the sudden Taliban takeover. We never expected to see this, but this is no time to give up. The need could not be greater or more urgent.

For our friends and colleagues still seeking to leave, we are advocating for you. And to the Afghans forced to flee, we are reimagining what people-to-people peacebuilding can be in the face of immense need. Our commitment has only grown stronger. We are at work creating Pax Populi 2.0. And we can use all the help we can get.

Pax Populi (pronounced “phaks pop-yu-lee”) is Latin for “the people’s peace;” it is the people-to-people peacebuilding program of the nonprofit organization, Applied Ethics, Inc. To learn more about our initiative, please click here.

Student using Pax Populi Academy in Kandahar.

We are a global network of people working together to help create a more peaceful world. For twelve years, we were privileged to lend a hand to a new generation of Afghans working to create a peaceful, prosperous, and just country. Then came August 2021, dashing the hopes of so many Afghans. Besides the loss of their democratic freedoms, the economy is on the verge of collapse, millions of Afghans are at risk of starvation, the country lacks the resources to handle the Covid-19 pandemic, and a massive refugee crisis is unfolding. Once again, women and girls are looking upon a future with their rights in tatters.

We are not giving up.

While Pax Populi is a network of people dedicated to advancing peace everywhere, our focus remains on Afghanistan. To volunteer as a tutor, teacher, program coordinator, community organizer, Salesforce or other technical consultants, fundraiser, website developer, or in any other capacity, please use the contact form below. To donate, please click on this link.

The resources of war and violence are vast. At Pax Populi, our strength comes from compassion and commitment to nonviolence, goodness, truth, and service. We are facing a huge challenge. To succeed, we need the help of many. Together we will keep hope alive as we face the challenges ahead.