Florencia is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she works and studies in the field of diversity, cohesion and inter-cultural dialogue. She is passionate about travelling and learning foreign languages and experiencing new cultures. She believes that “Travelling makes you wiser and opens up a part of your mind, heart and soul… “this world is simply too big for a person to just stay their whole life in one spot.”

Over the last few years Florencia has been involved in Non-governmental organisations projects, where she has worked with the TECHO and Red Solidaria organisations to help support the poor in her country . Florencia is also working with Equilibrium global, on a project to publish a book about the role of the Multicultural Factor  in the international system. The book will include the views and works of Politicians, diplomats, academics, religious leaders and other social references such as the essays of Argentines. Because of the growing challenges around the world the main theme will look at the possible solutions for resolving violence and wars and cohesion and peace between cultures.

Florencia’s ambition is to continue to build bridges of friendship across oceans and nations, she believes it is important to be a model of dialogue to encourage others to build dialogue. And while she recognises interacting with people of different origins and backgrounds is a constant challenge, she also views it as a fascinating challenge. Her wish is that we all should be better tolerant of one another to allow our hearts to become wide like the ocean.

For Florencia respecting others’ thoughts and ideas and accepting cultural differences can bring many benefits. She believes that inter-religious cooperation in the area of peacemaking and reconciliation will undoubtedly be a key priority for inter-religious relations in coming years, we must all therefore recognize the importance of this dialogue priority and accept and appreciate such diversity. Because “even if we have different origins, different cultures, we are all people of this society. Even though we may not have common arguments on some topics, we all live in this world and we are passengers on the same ship. In this respect, there are many common points that can be discussed and shared with people from every segment of society.”


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