Liberal Afghan Women (LAW) is an online community group; its vision is for the equality of Afghan women. The LAW’s mission is to help other Afghan women to realize their inner strength and become confident in themselves. They believe that education is the path to a stronger and independent society. While they believe that each individual has an important and unique talent and education is the guide to polishing that talent. They are determined to make Afghanistan a better place not only for women but also for the future generations. They can be found on Facebook.

Afghan women’s roles and responsibilities are bigger and more important inside of the house than outside. There are some women who work outside of their homes, however these is an belief within Afghan society people that women’s main role is to stay within the home and take care of their children and that it is only men’s responsibility to work outside of home.

There have been areas of positive change for women; the access to education has most notable been the biggest change for women, although this access can depend on which area a woman lives.  There are more opportunities for women in big cities than in rural villages. To maintain these changes skills training is particularly important for women and there have been a lot of positive changes in that area.

The main challenges for women in Afghanistan includes: the lack of security, cultural and traditions barriers, a lack of support from government institutions to implement women’s rights and maintain human rights. Not having proper access to education in rural areas, the lack of healthcare in rural areas and child marriages are all issues that remain a threat to women.

There are some People of Afghanistan especially some males who do not believe in women’s abilities and support their rights. To change these attitudes the media can play an important role in highlighting these negative views and show that women can and do have a positive role in society. Another problem for afghan women comes from Tribal laws where national law has no real influence, however if the Afghan government properly enforced the constitution, which states that women have the same rights as man then many of the problems experienced by Afghan women would be solved.

To allow women to develop their futures, women in both urban and rural areas need the support of their male family members’ support. We therefore need to educate religious leaders, males and females about women’s rights and their importance. We need to tell them that developing women’s futures is good for the entire family and society and we need to teach women about their values and strengths.


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