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Sutara Arian was born on 1st July, 1985, in Kabul Afghanistan. Her family moved to Australia when she was young, but she remains devoted to her birth country of Afghanistan. Sutara is a media communications and journalism graduate, with an active media career; she currently hosts and produces a TV show for channel 31 in Melbourne. She can be followed on Facebook  too.

The women in Afghanistan play a very important and inspirational role for current and future generations. Whether it is teaching the youth, bringing up a family, or taking on leadership roles in business, politics, medicine, science, or mathematics. Overall, like women in all countries the women in Afghanistan deserve the same rights, respect, opportunities and education as all people everywhere.

Although the women in Afghanistan have had to fight for these rights and opportunities in the past, it is time to bring changes for all women. The women of Afghanistan have struggled through decades of war and are now able to hold a position in society that will allow them to help build the future for Afghanistan.

The most important thing is that women are once again able to attend schools and university and gain education in various fields. Secondly, they are able to make a future for themselves through their careers and employment.

Women have the right to join politic debates and speak up for themselves where previously they were threatened and beaten for standing up for their rights. Women are now in the air force and army and part of every field which previously was male-dominated. They are no longer forced to wear the burqa and it is now done by choice. Of course, still they have to follow the religious ways and values.

These changes are sustainable if extremists who continue to maintain the same views of women’s secondary status in society don’t come back into power. Also, women have to work hard to keep their strength and not back down from injustice that has kept them from realizing their rights and roles in society.

 The challenges for women in Afghanistan are to bring up their families in a war-torn country. They have to stand up for their rights also in their own household as well as in society. Other challenges are that they may have financial problems, which lead them to not be able to pursue all opportunities.

To ensure equality, women need to change their attitudes and realize that they have so much to offer society. Also, the other members of the family need to realise this, especially the males, and try not to keep the women down, but rather let them go after opportunities and set goals to achieve. Governmental bodies also need to change their attitudes towards women and the legal system needs to give women rights.

Women can develop their futures by being leaders, knowing what they want in their lives, and taking control of it, not letting someone else make decisions for them or force them to live a life which they do not want. The support measures should be firstly, women supporting each other, and also agencies from which women can seek help with any issues or hardships that they may have. They also need agencies which can help support and motivate them and give them confidence to live a life which they want and achieve their goals.

There should also be some organisation which can help them with funding for small things such as clothes, food, books, or daily household needs. In some countries this is available and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be set-up for them here as well. This is the time when they need all the help they can get to be strong and make a brighter future for Afghanistan.



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