12498901_10156363862965291_1161995213_nThanks to Pax Populi, “people to people peacemaking” program, I see myself as a family member of Pax Populi Academy (PPA), where I have been attending its online courses as a student of Eisha Sarkar since October 2015 and am PPA’s regional coordinator in Herat, Afghanistan. It all began when Kirthi Jayakumar, Pax Populi’s regional coordinator in India, connected Eisha and me via an email. I was so excited about starting my classes with Eisha that I emailed her and asked if we could also become friends on Facebook so that we would stay in touch and I would have a lot more chances to learn from her. Surprisingly, she accepted my request on that day.

Since then, I have not only received her constructive comments and frequent feedback on my spoken and written English throughout our online meeting sessions, but also learnt more about each other`s cultural values, countries, families and friendship. I have noticed that Eisha Sarkar is by nature an inspiring individual and born educator. She had plenty of brilliant ideas for me, from starting from a blog where I could keep writing and publishing my own academic works to running a family business in which all my siblings could participate.

Now, I am thankful to great people like Prof Robert E. McNulty, Pax Populi’s founder and director in the US, Kirthi Jayakumar, Pax Populi’s regional coordinator in India and Eisha Sarkar, my talented tutor who have connected me to the world of peace through education. I am proud to be part of Pax Populi, and thank you all for being part of my life! Thank you! Regards,

Muhammad Qasem Jami

Pax Populi Student and Regional Coordinator

Herat, Afghanistan