Written by Mahgul Kunary, Student, KIMS

00374, Mon Jun 12, 2006,  3:58:31 PM, 16C, 8656x8626,  (342+1224), 150%, None 14 bit,  1/20 s, R62.0, G62.0, B62.0

00374, Mon Jun 12, 2006, 3:58:31 PM, 16C, 8656×8626, (342+1224), 150%, None 14 bit, 1/20 s, R62.0, G62.0, B62.0

First, I want to start by asking: What is peace?

Peace is a state in which there is no war or fighting. It is a period of freedom from public disturbance and an agreement to end a war. Peace is the hope in the hearts all the people of a country. Every one wants peace, because in a state of peace, people feel safe.

When there is peace, people can perform their daily activities easily and perfectly. If there is no peace, people can’t do everything easily – they can’t get education easily, they can’t feel warm, they will face a lot of problems including: educational problems, political problems, economical problems, environmental problems, corruption, security problems and more. There will be no unity, and there will always be fighting. So, this will be a misfortune for society and the country if they don’t have a peace.

Now, there will be a question in your mind. How we can bring peace in our country?

Someone rightly said that peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. Education is really important in achieving peace. By getting knowledge, we can bring peace to our country and creating jobs has the best role in building peace. Peace can make a real difference in many places.