By Shabnam Manati Khadija

Let-GoThis is Shabnam Manati from Afghanistan. I am working as an English instructor in one of the learning centers in Kandahar Afghanistan, and as well a student of language and literature faculty in Kandahar University. I have also completed the computer and management courses in KIMS (Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies) the center which played an important role in getting my future hopes and reach my dreams.

Yeah, learning English was one of my childhood dreams, a dream that I have had since the time when I really didn’t know what English really was! What does it really refer to? I just knew the word English. The funniest thing that makes me laugh even now is when I look back at the time when I had a small notebook and a pen. I was making curved lines in the notebook and was telling my mom, “Look at this! I am writing English!”

KIMS is the place where I realised my dream of learning English. Sometimes, when I think about my childhood I really can’t believe that now I am an English teacher, I teach English. I am always thankful to KIMS. Being a student and teacher in KIMS introduced me to Pax Populi the website which helped me enrich my other dream, the dream of working for peace or being with people who are peace builders, and people from all around the world that are working to make the world a peaceful place for all its residents.

Working for peace is the only thing I really love to do. It is the only thing the inspires me to live. I started as a member of Pax Populi as a tester. Through this period, I got familiar with the most intelligent, the genius, the talented and the best person in my life – no one else but my dear Kirthi! Our relationship started as a teacher-and-student bond and was soon converted to the bond of two sisters. All these things are just because that I am the luckiest person at Pax Populi! This program gave me the precious gifts of a teacher, a friend and a great sister.

In addition to studying English Literature, I hope to study further. I hope to major in Computer Science and be a good software engineer to support my country and my people. The only wish I have is for a peaceful world: the world where everyone can live without any fear!

Be Peaceful