Aug. 9, 2010 Time Magazine Cover depicting the Taliban abuse of women

To the right is a picture of the current August 9, 2010 edition of Time Magazine. This atrocity happened last year. For fleeing the abuse of her in-laws, Aisha was sentenced by the Taliban to have her ears and nose cut off. To see Time’s editor’s comment on this cover, please click on this link.

Our goal at Pax Populi is to help advance peace on a person-to-person basis. It is for this reason that we are trying to bring the young Afghan woman, Shogofa to study here in the United States. This is what Shogofa wrote to me when I asked her why she wanted to come to study here: “I am sure one day our country will be like other countries in the world – free and peaceful. To achieve all these goals the new generation must continue studying to be able to bring forth fundamental changes in our country. For my generation, that is still just a dream. However, to achieve that dream, and which so many women have suffered because of no freedom, I want to be their voice and become the courage that enables them to fight for their rights. I want to give them new life by taking my education to the highest possible level.”

We want to help Shogofa to achieve her dream of advancing her education. We are trying to bring her to study in the ESL program at Salem State University, in Salem, MA in September 2010. We have raised about $8,000. We need at least $10,000 more to cover the minimum costs associated with two semesters. As a federally recognized tax exempt charity, all donations to Applied Ethics are tax-deductible for US taxpayers. Please help us to help one Afghan woman who is committed to helping others. Please contribute to Applied Ethics. We need your help right now. Please click here. Thank you.


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