The soul of Pax Populi is to advance peace person-to-person; our work takes place at the meeting point between individual needs and personal capacities. We are committed to advancing civil society in accord with human rights, and to this end, above all, we affirm the indispensible role of education. The need for educational advancement in Afghanistan is pervasive, but the need for female education is especially great. For any American family who is considering hosting an international student (especially those around Marblehead, Massachusetts), the Pax Populi Educational Outreach program offers an exceptional opportunity to help a promising young Afghan woman to pursue her dreams while also helping to create a more peaceful world. If you have the heart and the home, we have an important opportunity for you to do something that could be of enduring value. Please see our “Guidelines for PSE Host Families.” If you have any questions please send an email. We’d love to hear from you.


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