By Eisha Sarkar

This talk of peace
That we make and keep
Of quiet and sleep
Are expressions we seek.

Unworthy governments
Their brutal policies
The United Nations
And many bureaucracies.

A soldier’s plight
To defend and fight
Wrapped in a blanket
He watches every night.

In a quiet village
Far from the post
Where music plays
A gentle harmony.

Secure and warm
A comfortable home
A family’s unity
Sheltered with hope.

There comes a stranger
A messenger cloaked
Animals in the barn
Sense the danger.

He comes to the door
Reads out a letter
A family’s future
Will change forever.

The marked prejudice
The lack of options
A fate decided
A family disunited.

Carers, keepers
Lawyers, well-wishers
Activists, writers
Rights’ protectors.

Petitions, programs
Campaigns, causes
Funds and fairs
Cameras, journalists.

Discussions, decisions
A family waits:
“How much longer
will they take?”

Then one day
Justice prevails
A sigh of relief
Prayers on lips.

They return home:
To nature’s tranquility
An inner conflict
Buried in secret.

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Muhammad Qasem Jami · March 28, 2016 at 12:58 am

Superb! Keep writing, please.

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