Because peace cannot be imposed, but must be developed from within a community through sustained hard work, for World Peace Day, we at Pax Populi and people of goodwill around the world want to honor the beautiful peacemakers of Afghanistan. These are the brave Afghans selflessly working across their country — from Balkh in the North to Kandahar in South, Herat in the West, and Badakhshan in the East. Quietly and unknown to the world, these peacemakers are struggling to build the new and peaceful Afghanistan.  You are the great source of hope for Afghanistan and we take this occasion to salute you and your extraordinary work. You are forging a new, good country out of the ruins of decades of war.

Near the end of this post, we describe simple, practical steps we would like supporters of World Peace Day to do, but first…

Let’s look at who are the Afghan peacemakers.

Teachers: They are teachers educating a new generation of Afghans across the country, and especially those who are reaching out to the girls of Afghanistan who were long been denied a right to education.

Medical Professionals: From doctors and nurses to midwives and health clinic staff, these are the people providing urgent care for the sick, injured, damaged, and often abandoned people of Afghanistan.

Social Workers: These are the people dealing with Afghanistan’s many drug addicts, orphans, homeless, handicapped, traumatized, and impoverished.

Entrepreneurs: These are the people out building businesses, large and small, that are getting Afghans back to work and out of poverty through new enterprises that meet the needs of Afghans in both traditional and new, unique ways.

Journalists: They are the people who daily seek to share information and report on the news around the country even when doing so puts themselves in danger.

NGO Workers: There are countless nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), working to address every aspect of social needs despite the enormous adversity imposed through poverty and violence.

Academics and Thought Leaders: Afghanistan’s peacemakers can be found among the university professors and other thought leaders who are planting ideas and cultivating them regarding what a New Afghanistan will look like when peace and stability is achieved.

UN Workers: These are the people working in many areas from environmental protection to healthcare and development, who are connecting Afghans to the rich global resources of this amazing world body.

Artists: These are the people who through images, sculpture, music, plays and many other ways are communicating to Afghans images that reflect both the hard reality of current-day Afghanistan as well as the hopeful images of a nation in the process of self-transformation.

Social Reformers Against Corruption: These of the people who are speaking out to confront the injustice of corruption and little by little are helping to increase transparency and accountability within Afghanistan’s politics and economy.

And many, many others. They are the face of humanity and in a country that has known so much violence. We want to celebrate their stories in the months ahead. For now, we honor them. The job is not done, but still it is well to reflect on the great accomplishments so far. We hope and pray that these peacebuilders can continue their work and we, Pax Populites, through the efforts of our heads and hearts, we will continue to support them on our shared journey to create a peaceful, stable and flourishing Afghanistan.

Here is How You Can Help Us in Honoring Afghan Peacemakers

The Pax Populi working objective is to help the Afghan people to bring peace to their own country. Through the peace day campaign we want to let the world and the Afghan people know this.

We want to reach out to other Peacemakers around the world and most notable within Afghanistan. Show them they have a unified community of support to reinforce their peace efforts and to assure them to stay strong even in the most challenging of days.

Therefore to mark World Peace Day Pax Populi will go on a global mission to unite people all over the world by asking them to see beyond the coverage of violence and support the efforts of Afghan Peacemakers.

On this special day Pax Populi call for the end of all conflict within Afghanistan we ask the world to look beyond the coverage of violence and support the efforts of Afghan Peacemakers.

There are 3 ways you can do this;

1.     Sign the Pax Populi Petition

2.      Upload a picture or sort video with a peace and unity theme to and help create a worldwide community of support.

3.     Share this message with all you friends.

Picture sign themes could include:

  •  “Peace from *****”( put the location you are in)
  • “On this day we unite and show the world we support Peacemakers”
  • “If We Work Together We Can Have Peace”

For those based in Afghanistan peace theme could include:

  •  “Peace from Afghanistan”
  • “Violence will not define Afghanistan”
  • “See the bigger picture. There is more to Afghanistan than conflict”
  • “We Love Afghanistan!”

If you would like, please feel free to click here to use some of these signs in your pictures

If you’re on Twitter then start hash tagging #SupportingPeacemakers

Theis  is a opportunity to unite people all over the world so PLEASE  HELP!
If you’re going to do anything on Friday 21st September to honor World Peace Day, please do this. 🙂

In closing this post, to people of goodwill everywhere, please express your encouragement of Afghanistan’s peacemakers by signing this petition by clicking here.

Thank you and Pax!

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