By Suraya Mehrzad

This is how I see Afghanistan’s future from the perspective of peace, education and women rights.

At first, I accept that Afghanistan is not in a good situation right now with respect to security and economic development, but I am optimistic that Afghanistan would be one of the strongest countries in coming future in every aspect.

If you look at the world history, most of the states have gone through such terrible conditions. If we compare today’s Afghanistan with the time when there were nearly-zero percent of the girls in school during the Taliban era, there are now millions of girls going to school and university, who want to bring  a change to their lives as well to the society and their  families. During the Taliban regime, women in Afghanistan were banned from working outside and going to public services and were forced to stay indoors. When they went out to visit relatives or do shopping, they had to be accompanied by a male relative. But now they are relics of the past.  Today, there are women singing, teaching, and they work in the parliament.

The fact that millions of girls are going to universities indicates that the country is changing, though not at a fast pace, but it is moving in the right direction. However, there should be concrete measures taken  both by the Afghan government and the international community to sustain these developments and ensure that the women’s rights will be protected and preserved in the future.

As we say, after every darkness there will be light and after every war there shall be peace!


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