What is LoveBy Muhammad Qasem Jami

Love is everything: the power, the energy, the goal and the rule of life

It’s like being above a swimming pool, all you need is the courage to dive

It is neither, what ladies and lads name, “romance”

Nor, what people think it to be, to dine and dance.


Love gives you power to stand against any challenge in the world

No matter how hard or difficult that may be, you can hold

Lack of love in one’s life brings loneliness and laziness;

Like the little lamb that’s aimless in the grassiness.


Loyal friends, let me tell you what love means to me;

It is when a cute baby is smiling at me

It is to watch my little sister talk to her toy dolls,

As if they were real and going to shopping malls.


It is to watch my little brother flying his kite

Or trying to ride his flimsy tiny bike.


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