Pax Populi WorldAfghanistan is about to enter a new chapter in its recent turbulent history.  The country has been in a state of conflict since the communist coup in 1978 and now after twelve years of NATO military engagement, the United States and its allies are planning a major drawdown of troops in 2014.  Many fear that this may open the door to an escalation of violence by the extremists.  Whether true or not, we at Pax Populi remain committed in our effort to help the Afghans to advance peace in their country through education, economic development, and human rights. The stakes are high. For the sake of the Afghans and people everywhere, we continue our work until peace prevails in Afghanistan.

Through the Pax Populi program of Applied Ethics, Inc., we respond to the ignorance and hatred of war through programs that advance peace through direct, caring and helpful person-to-person educational interactions. We do this because we believe that kindness and education are powerful antidotes to the violence and ignorance that threatens us all. We at Pax Populi have been honored to offer our services to support the next generation of young Afghan leaders who will be on the forefront of efforts to build a new, flourishing and internationally engaged Afghanistan. It is not an easy job, nor can it be done overnight, but it is a pursuit worthy of our efforts.

In the last year, we have done some beautiful work in giving voice to many Afghans though our website.  See, for example, our “Be Inspired” page that honors the contributions of Afghan women to their country, and our “Voices for Peace” page. Our main program involves one-on-one online English tutoring for students in Afghanistan.  In 2013, we had almost 40 tutors from various American universities as well as independent tutors in South Korea, Australia, Greece, and England.  We want to significantly develop our program both in terms of quality and the number of people we are able to reach — and we have talented, dedicated supporters who are ready to give their time and skills. However, to do this work, we need to raise the funds to develop our program infrastructure. This would make a huge difference to our work. Would you help? Any support you could provide would be deeply appreciated. To donate, please click here.

Peace in Afghanistan is still a long way away, and it will be up to the courageous, dedicated Afghans to bring peace to their own country. Yet, people around the world can do a lot to help. Let’s work together to find our inner peacemaker and lend a hand in friendship. Peace is worth our dedicated efforts and together we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support and peace!

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MOHAMMAD KHAN · July 25, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Let us work together for peace and prosperity in the Afghan society. Please look our web site if you think we can work together. our door is open for all of those who wants invest in Education and Peace. The Biggest enemy of the Afghan society is illiteracy. Let us invest in the life of young People in Afghanistan through Education especially in rural Parts where there is no schools. We can do it. It is not impossible.

Mohammad khan kharoti
The founder and President
of Green village schools.

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